Welcome to the CSC Graphical TFR Page

Here you will be able to view graphically the TFRs that are currently in effect. 

In order to view CSC graphic TFRs, you will be asked to accept applets that will be downloaded into your browser. This allows true zoom and pan of sectionals with the TFR graphically drawn on them.

Also, be aware that some of the graphics are quite large, so please be patient especially over lower speed or congested lines.

If you want to go back to the main menu now, use the back button in your browser.


The TFR is officially issued in a FDC Notam. The FDC Notam is in text only and describes exactly the area, effective time, affected flight, contact, and coordination information. While many TFR areas may be described as circular areas around points, many can be quite complex. It may take quite some time to "plot" a TFR area on a sectional to see if a route of flight might intersect it.

The features are:

To bring this advanced technology to you, you will be required to download "applets" to your browser. Depending on the evel of security defined for your browser, you may be asked permission to download these to your computer. These are necessary to view the CSC graphical TFRs. They are usually only downloaded once and kept by the browser for use in the future.The Graphical TFR's pages may take time to download, especially if you are connected via a dial-in modem. Please be patient. For those who have very slow connections, or prefer not to use the graphic feature, we have made available, a "text only" list of TFRs. From this list, which present all TFR's in alphabetical order by state, you will be able to get the complete TFR text followed by a synopsis of the TFR is presented in table form.

Finally, don't forget to review General Flight Restrictions. Because of their nature, they are not represented graphically, but are provided as text in a complete list of all active and future GFR's on the "General Flight Restrictions" link on the DUATS main menu.


Q: Do I need any other software to view the Graphical TFR's from 
DUATS on my computer?
A: Yes. Graphical TFR's need you to have the Java Virtual Machine loaded on your computer. Most leading PC shippers have already installed the Java Virtual Machine, so all you would have to do is accept the Java applets when prompted on the graphical TFP page. If you find out that you need the Java Virtual Machine, you can download it free from www.java.com, the official java site.

Q: How often are TFRs updated?
A: CSC checks several times a day for updates. As there is no schedule for TFRs, they can be issued at anytime.

Q: Why do you need applets?
A: The CSC solution uses a state of the art GIS system provided by Intergraph. The applets are necessary to display the output of this system as well as provide local features such as zoom in and out. These are available by using your right mouse button while positioning the cursor over the graphic.

Q: Can Graphic TFR's be printed?
A: This all depends on the features of your browser and the printing capabilities of your printer. In most cases, the print command will be available from a button on the page, a pull down menu from the browser's top toolbar or by right clicking the mouse button while the cursor on the page area and not on the graphic.

Q: What is the difference between the zoom provided by the buttons on the TFR page and the zoom provided by "right clicking" on the mouse button while the cursor is on the graphic? 
A: The mouse button zoom provides a very quick local zoom capability but does not provide any extra resolution of the graphic area. The zoom buttons will download a closer view with additional resolution and detail up to the quality of a printed sectional.

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